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Mozart's Sister


Page 82 from Mozart's Sister can be seen below (alter position and size by using Flashpaper controls).

Please note that the reproduction quality of this sample when printed may be of a much lower quality than the book itself.



'I loved reading Mozart's Sister because it carried me far. It's a living history: it's history appropriated by an informed, engaged, adoring, perceptive and wildly creative mind that responds to the Mozarts' life and music with a life and music of its own.'

Meredith Oakes, playwright and librettist

'It is fascinating. It is learned, touching and funny. It is so well written. The picture of the family which emerges is passionate, strong and in period. I loved it.'

Mike Shaw of Curtis Brown

'This book constitutes a remarkable act of sympathetic restitution. By amplifying the scattered facts with imaginative fantasy, A.M. Bauld brings the personality of Mozart's too-little considered sister vividly back to life while offering an intriguing hypothesis about Mozart's end.'

Bayan Northcott, composer and writer

'The interweaving of fact and fiction is compulsive in this novel. A.M. Bauld brings eighteenth century Salzburg to life through letters, conversation and beautifully composd narrative.'

Heather Birchall, Curator,
Tate Britain

'This imaginitively constructed fictionalised biography contains both powerful imagary and a strong sense of place and period. As the narrative unfolds from several viewpoints, the reader is given a convincing portrayal of the shadowy family behind the genius of Mozart. The appendix detailing the known facts of Nannerl Mozart's life is an unexpected bonus.'

Natasha McEnroe, Curator,
Dr. Johnson's House, London